Edges of Light. Mixed media - artist Ingrid Sylvestre

North East Artist Ingrid Sylvestre Durham Northeast UK

Although Ingrid Sylvestre's work covers a diverse range of media and genres, there is a unifying essence: the urge to explore and express an exuberant celebration of life, and the importance of following your dreams.

Forevermore. Mixed media - Ingrid Sylvestre

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As a small child she would spend hours gazing at and absorbing the atmosphere in the garden and on family walks. This childlike wonder and sensitivity to spirit of place has stayed with her. 

The Dreaming Fields of Grey Towers Farm Lane - UK artist Ingrid Sylvestre

Oil Pastel paintings, Ingrid Sylvestre, Mixed media paintings, English Landscape Art, English Landscape Paintings. Atmosphere, numinous, mysterious, mystical, romantic art. Visionary art.

While a teenager, Ingrid came across the sayings, ‘Know yourself,’ and ‘To your own self be true.’ They have formed her underlying philosophy ever since.

Spring Tree Dance. Watercolour & Ink - UK Artist Ingrid Sylvestre

After graduating in Fine Art/Sculpture at Sheffield, she continued to develop her creative work.

Grey Towers from the Round Walk. Acrylic - English Landscape Artist Ingrid Sylvestre

Ingrid moved to North Yorkshire especially to paint the landscape around Grey Towers, Nunthorpe. “I was introduced to the area while an art student and knew I had to paint this very special place. There is a unique atmosphere to the land, and the famous views toward the Cleveland Hills are outstandingly beautiful. This area has some of the best landscape scenery in the UK. As an artist I found it overwhelmingly inspiring - in every way a top landscape painters' paradise!”

View to the Cleveland Hills from Grey Towers. Watercolour - English Landscape Painter Ingrid Sylvestre

Ingrid's paintings express the atmosphere of this outstandingly beautiful place. You can view them by clicking on the paintings tab at the top of this site. 

English landscape painter Ingrid Sylvestre, Durham, North East England UK. Paintings for sale. Art for sale.
Solo exhibitions of her work have been held at many private and public galleries and museums.

Poole Wood from Grey Towers Farm Lane. Oil Pastel - English Landscape Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Internationally renowned artist Ingrid Sylvestre Durham North East England UK. English Landscape painter. Paintings for sale.

Ingrid has always believed in working beyond perceived boundaries of fine art, design and other media.

May Celebration. Watercolour, ink & gouache - Ingrid Sylvestre Sylvan artist

Her vision and passion has inspired her to work in a great variety of media. She has produced many commissions for clients, including paintings, murals, wallpaper designs, greeting card designs, 3D paper engineering, music composition and writing.

Cactus House Mural, University of Durham Botanic Garden - Ingrid Sylvestre North East mural artist
As associate artist with the 'New Storylines for Living with Environmental Change' project with Durham University Institute of Advanced Studies, Ingrid produced live event artwork which was exhibited at the finale of the project, and also a created a booklet 'Enchanted with Existence' featuring her project artwork and the interactive discussions.

Ingrid Sylvestre environmental artwork - Fracking, Earthquakes, Landslides. 'New Storylines for Living with Environmental Change' Durham University Institute of Advanced Studies.

Giraffe World - the Neckmann family - 'Stick your Neck out for your Dreams!'

An unexpected theme cropped up in her work when she was told that she had ‘more neck than a giraffe!' Ingrid began to create artwork based on imaginative interpretations of the concept. “I loved the idea of having ‘lots of neck’, and it fit perfectly with my philosophy of following your dreams!”

Giraffe Quest. Watercolour - Ingrid Sylvestre

Giraffe World was born – an imaginary ‘giraffified’ world populated by loveable giraffe characters such as favourites Raph G. Neckmann and rebellious middle child Necky Becky. Ingrid began producing artwork, designs, songs and stories on the theme, playing on the idea of sticking your neck out for your dreams and also the humorous ergonomics of having a long neck, such as the need for a very long toothbrush!

Giraffe House. Watercolour - Ingrid Sylvestre Artist & Illustrator

Ingrid's quirky Giraffe World paintings, illustrations and stories have now become as sought after as her 'serious' art. Although they may on the surface appear to be very different from her landscape and garden paintings, they come from the same root – a sense of wonder, the celebration of life, plus gleeful happiness!

Header design for the blog of giraffe Raph G. Neckmann - Ingrid Sylvestre author and illustrator

For enquiries about commissioning artwork, or to book Ingrid for events &  speaking engagements, please email us at: sylvestregallery[at]googlemail[dot]com.