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Giraffe Dad Raph G. Neckmann's internationally loved blog 'Raph's Ramblings' is now viewable on a second site -  in chronological order with the earliest post at the top, so it is readable in story form! 
You can view it by clicking on the image below:



Artist Ingrid Sylvestre is known as 'The Giraffe Lady' for her giraffe art work which includes her sought-after original paintings of giraffes as well as popular giraffe greeting cards. She has created giraffe family The Neckmanns and written many stories about them and is a popular story teller in Durham and throughout the North East UK at events and in schools.
UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Necky Becky at the Secret Portal Archway from Giraffe World in Camelopardalis Constellation to Planet Earth - Ingrid Sylvestre giraffe painting in watercolour.
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As well as the giraffe images shown on this site, you can view her greeting cards at Ingrid Sylvestre Giraffe Greeting Cards and Ingrid Sylvestre Greeting Cards. Her well-loved giraffe character, dad Raph G. Neckmann, has his own blog at Raph's Ramblings
Durham Giraffes on Ice, UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Commissioned giraffe painting - Ingrid Sylvestre - Durham Giraffes on Ice

Ingrid Sylvestre takes commissions for bespoke giraffe paintings and character art. As well as commissioning paintings for their own collections, clients frequently request work to be created for gifts for family members and friends who love giraffes.

Necky Becky giraffe character art with her dog, Neckshund Hals - Ingrid Sylvestre - Ink & Watercolour


For commissions, bookings, sales & enquiries, please email us at:
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Ingrid Sylvestre's Giraffe Art
the Back Story (Or the Neck Story!)


An 'uneckspected' theme appeared in Ingrid Sylvestre's work after she was told she had 'more neck than a giraffe'! She began creating humorous cartoons of giraffes and developed the amusing yet aspirational theme of 'Stick your neck out for your dreams'. Many of her early giraffe artworks featured scenes from Durham, where everything was 'giraffified', the buildings, landmarks and of course the residents! From these early pictures and their long-necked inhabitants giraffe family The Neckmanns emerged.

Durham Goes Giraffe, UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Durham Goes Giraffe - Giraffe Greeting Cards by Ingrid Sylvestre from original giraffe painting in watercolour

Durham Goes Giraffe at Christmas, UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Durham Goes Giraffe at Christmas - Giraffe Greeting Card by Ingrid Sylvestre from original giraffe painting in watercolour

Durham Giraffes in Love UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Durham Giraffes in Love - by Ingrid Sylvestre from original giraffe paintings in watercolour

Rowing with Lots of Neck Durham UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Rowing with Lots of Neck - by Durham artist  Ingrid Sylvestre from original giraffe painting in watercolour
Ingrid printed many of her original giraffe paintings as greeting cards, including the 'Lots of Neck' and 'Giraffitude!' ranges, which became highly popular. Several of the best loved cards feature scenes of Durham as pictured above. You can see the cards, which are all available for sale, at her sites Ingrid Sylvestre Giraffe Greeting Cards and Ingrid Sylvestre Greeting Cards.

Stick your neck out for your dreams, Raph G Neckmann and Family, UK Giraffe Artist Ingrid Sylvestre
Giraffe family The Neckmanns with their motto 'Stick your neck out for your dreams!' - Ingrid Sylvestre giraffe artist

As Ingrid's giraffe theme grew in popularity she began to write stories featuring her giraffe family The Neckmanns and was soon booked for story telling sessions in a variety of venues including schools. She had large life-size figures of the giraffe characters produced which accompany her on her storytelling and speaking engagements!

Giraffe Necky Becky with suitcase at the University of Durham Botanic Gardens, UK Giraffe Artist & author Ingrid Sylvestre
Giraffe Character Necky Becky visits Durham University Botanic Garden with Durham Story Teller Ingrid Sylvestre for Giraffe Stories

Hals the Neckshund, Necky Becky's giraffe dog visits Durham University Botanic Garden for story telling.

Plaque from Giraffe Exhibition Durham University Botanic Garden by Ingrid Sylvestre. Please click on image to enlarge to read text.
Necky Becky's dad, giraffe Raph G. Neckmann has his own blog, Raph's Ramblings, in which he relates the adventures of the family and friends from their home, Necky Knoll House. Living on Giraffe World, a totally 'giraffified' planet in Camelopardalis Constellation light years away from our planet Earth is no problem for Raph, who communicates via the Interneck.

Giraffe dad Raph G. Neckmann looks at Planet Earth through his telescope from Giraffe World planet in Camelopardalis Constellation - Giraffe picture by Ingrid Sylvestre

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Nextra-terrestrial – a giraffe sculpture for auction. SOLD!
Nextra-terrestrial is a 2.5 metre high giraffe sculpture made of coated fibreglass, surface painted by UK artist Ingrid Sylvestre. She was commissioned for Colchester Zoo’s ‘Stand Tall’ 50th year celebrations and the sculpture will be auctioned for the Zoo’s Action for the Wild charity on 19th September by Colchester auctioneers Reeman Dansie.
Nextra-terrestrial’s surface depicts giraffe characters The Neckmanns created by artist-writer Ingrid. They are shown outside their home, Necky Knoll House in Giraffe World, a ‘giraffified’ planet in Camelopardalis Constellation.
The Neckmann family with their stories, artwork and music have an enthusiastic and growing following through all age groups. Ingrid is a popular storyteller at events and aims to have a series of books published followed by film.
An integral part of the stories is that the giraffe characters can communicate with humans via the ‘Interneck’, (dad giraffe Raph G. Neckmann has a popular blog, Raph’s Ramblings), and the giraffes can also access our world through secret portals. For the duration of Colchester Zoo’s Stand Tall event Nextra-terrestrial has a role of portal, in that she and her characters (fictitiously!) come alive when no humans are around and she has her own blog and twitter account.
Nextra-terrestrial is a very attractive sculpture and would make a ‘nexcellent’ well-loved feature in a family home or public space. Additionally, (if Ingrid’s determined and passionate following of her motto ‘Stick Your Neck Out For Your Dreams’ brings great success!), she could become a valuable collectors’ item.
For information about the auction on 19th September, please visit Reeman Dansie at:

Nextra-terrestrial’s blog has more images, information and back stories about the giraffe characters, plus information and links for Colchester Zoo’s Stand Tall event and charity:

Ingrid Sylvestre Art 

Email: IngridSylvestreArt[at]gmail[dot]com

Giraffe collectors can big for Nextra-terrestrial sculpture at auction 19 Sept 2013
Giraffe collectors can bid for Nextra-terrestrial giraffe sculpture at auction 19th Sept 2013